TUV Approved Cage

ART can supply full custom safety cages for all Renault Alpine vehicles, in fact any vehicle, please ask for details. Full FIA approval if required.

Custom Fabrication

At ART we have full custom mandrel bending facilities in steel or stainless steel for any size tube to for any type of fabrication, automotive, commercial, and domestic. Full powder coating and painting facilities are available on site.

We specialise in:

Roll Cages
Boat Railings and runners
Bike Racks
Gymnasium Parallel Bars and frames
Disabled Support Bars
Trailer Chassis Sections
Automotive chassis design Lighting Rig Tubing
PA Speaker Stands
Outdoor Playground Climbing Frames

Please enquire for examples and designs and discuss your needs. If it can be made out of tube, we can make it.

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