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ART Renault Alpine GTA V6 Turbo Chargecooler Kit

+30bhp and 80lbft / 110nm torque.

Liquid cooled intercooling for the GTA & A610. This modification is the most imperative and the one where you will actually feel the most difference in performance. As the standard intercooler has no air flow, and the charge temps rise on boost and lose you power, this kit maintains very low stable air temps going into the engine, with an abundance of torque and top end power.

Kit consists of all parts.

AVT tubular chargecooler core, water radiator, Bosch Pump, and filler unit and all hosing and pipework.

This kit is suitable for up to 320bhp. Larger kits are available on request.

GTA V6 Turbo - 12psi Boost - Chargecooler - Race Twin Exhaust | 231bhp | 282lb/ft | 385nm

Our customers race car (270bhp / 380lbft @ 1 bar) ran this system