ART GTA V6 & Turbo Adjustable Rear Shock Absorbers X 2

£300.00  £250.00
Save: £50.00

Pair of GAZ adjustable height & damping rear shockabsorbers for Renault Alpine GTA V6 & Turbo

Our premium brand dampers available for the GTA :

40 point hardness & rebound adjustment with base mounted control
Zinc plated threaded bodies, zero thread corrosion on these which normally happens normal painted threaded steel bodies | molybendum alloy rods and completely rebuildable.
Genuine fully threaded bodies. Not threaded tubes welded onto a standard damper.
Billet aluminium spring platforms can lower or raise the car in moments.
Direct replacement for original dampers.

Adjust from a road compliant setting to a track setup with a few clicks.

Our customer's Renault Alpine GTA V6 Turbo race car (270bhp / 380lbft @ 1 bar) ran this system

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